Just Mobile AluPen Pro Stylus Review

I'll be the first to admit it. I don't see the point of a stylus. Why use another extraneous accessory when you can just use one that you will always have with you - your finger. Since the launch of the iPad and other tablets and touch devices, the market for stylus accessories have exploded. A while back we took a look at Just Mobile's first generation AluPen... and we loved it. We return today with the AluPen Pro with some noticeable perks over its predecessor. What kind of upgrades did we find? Check out the review after the jump!

The AluPen Pro comes packaged in a very professional looking box set that showcases what you get. You get the AluPen stylus, a nice leatherette case, and an extra rubber tip. The whole presentation is classy and professional looking, and once you get into the box, you will see some quality product there.

Just Mobile's AluPen Pro has some nice improvements over its predecessor. It retains the sleek aluminum look but appears thinner than the previous version. The design is reminiscent of our old No. 2 pencils, a nice throwback and unique design compared to some of the other styluses out there today. The AluPen is solid, and the aluminum feels thick and has the same texture as a unibody MacBook. The stylus has a nice weight to it. Not too heavy, but with a nice heft to it that made drawing and use enjoyable. 

I used the AluPen to fulfill longtime desire of mine - to  draw on my tablet. Sketching on the Kindle Fire using Sketchbook Mobile Express turned out to be quite fun with the stylus. I was able to get very detailed lines, and using the stylus turned out to be more efficient for fine lines than just swiping with my finger. The AluPen has a rounded rubber tip that that provides the capacitive touch that your finger would. I was at first concerned that this would basically kill the ability to draw fine lines. In my experience it didn't exactly kill it, but I had to work with the sketch app to circumvent the "fat finger". All in all I am happy with the result.

Not just a stylus, the AluPen Pro is actually a PEN too! And a good one at that! With a twist of the pen side, you get a nice smooth writing ballpoint pen that has been quite handy for me on the go. With my usual day carries - my Kindle Fire, my moleskin notebook, and the AluPen Pro..I am always ready to go. 

If I could change anything about the pen, I would make the capacitive rubber tip smaller to make it easier to draw those fine lines. However, I understand that the reason it was designed this way was because the tablets of today are built to sense touch by a finger. I found the AluPen Pro a pleasure to use for sketching, and it seems a stylus is absolutely the way to go if you want to do it on the go. At $39.99, it carries a hefty price tag, but for the right person, this is a fine choice for a stylus.