LightWedge Verso Prologue Cover Case for Kindle Fire Review

Here at Gadgetmac, we love our Apple products... but we also love all about technology. While we are head over heels for the iPad, we are also very much enamoured with Amazon's Kindle Fire. Last year we took a peek at the Kindle Fire and Zip Sleeve straight from Amazon. Since then we have had the chance to take a look at some kindle cases. Keeping with the spirit of hardbacks, the Verso Prologue case by LightWedge offers readers a case that is both unique and beautiful. Is it worth a look to cover your Amazon Kindle Fire? Take a look after the break!

The Verso Collection was created by LightWedge to meet a growing need. The growth of the e-reader/tablet market nearly exploded overnight, and LightWedge has taken advantage of that by offering consumers unique looking cases that boast class and elegance. The Verso Collection consists of several mini collections including the Artist Series (with artist inspired covers), the New York Series (with cityscape covers) and the Prologue collection (featuring throwback over designs of old books). The collection is available in sizes perfect for almost all e-readers out there and the medium size is perfect for 10" readers/tablets.

The Verso Prologue Collection consists of covers that are leather bound, with imprints and embossed embellishments. There are three colors available: green, red, and tan. The case we have today is a tan leather like material. On the outside of the cover, the material appears well made, and has the feel of an old leatherbound book. The cover itself has a nice weight to it and has a thickness of about a few centimeters. The cover is extremely sturdy and does not bend easily at all - much sturdier than a real book cover. Most of all, I appreciated the cover's ability to bend back on itself  like a real book. Makes for a really comfortable reading/browsing/playing experience when you can hold the entire thing in one hand.

The front of the cover has gold accents, and imprinted floral designs. The stitching appears to be of high quality, and the gold accents have not rubbed off since I have started using the case. It is worth mentioning that the case I received had some imperfections in the gold accents. This could be attributed to the goal of making the case appear rustic...or it could just be manufacturing issues. Either way, buyers should probably not expect perfection. They should however expect perfection in tight stitching, clean intricate imprints, and sturdy and thick backing.

On the inside of the case, the Verso Prologue is lined with a soft suede black liner. The suede is supple and smooth, the perfect bed for your kindle, nook, what have you. There is a nice pocket to hold papers, notes, or cards. I actually use that pocket to hold a microfiber cloth, so you can use your imagination. The Kindle is held in place with four corner straps. The straps are strong elastic and I have not seen any loosening at all. On the inside part of the straps, there is a rubber coating that keeps your reader from slipping out. Test shaking, tossing, manhandling showed that the Kindle Fire wasn't going anywhere once it was sitting in the case. Usually I do not like the cases with the strapped corners, but it works well for this case.

The only real complaint I have for this case is that it is a lint magnet on the inside. If I could offer further recommendations for improvements I would have LightWedge rethink the straps on the inside to some sort of shell to offer more side and corner protection. All in all I am loving this case. There aren't too many mass produced high quality book type cases out there. LightWedge did good in manufacturing and production as well as offering readers some color options to choose from. For around $39.99 MSRP, you can't go wrong here if you want to turn some heads.