LightWedge Verso Prologue Cover Case for Kindle Fire Review

Here at Gadgetmac, we love our Apple products... but we also love all about technology. While we are head over heels for the iPad, we are also very much enamoured with Amazon's Kindle Fire. Last year we took a peek at the Kindle Fire and Zip Sleeve straight from Amazon. Since then we have had the chance to take a look at some kindle cases. Keeping with the spirit of hardbacks, the Verso Prologue case by LightWedge offers readers a case that is both unique and beautiful. Is it worth a look to cover your Amazon Kindle Fire? Take a look after the break!

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Twelve South BookBook iPhone 4 Wallet Case Review

Some say they create astonishing products specifically designed to be loved by anyone who lays eyes on them, and that if Apple products had a mind of their own, they would choose them over Steve Jobs. All we know is, they're called Twelve South. Alright I admit that was a pretty bad attempt at a Top Gear reference there. Whenever Twelve South outs a product, I can't help but fall in love with it. I'm sure you all know by now that Twelve South products are one of the most unique on the market when it comes to accessories made for Apple products. Today, we've got our hands on the latest creation from Twelve South called the BookBook for the iPhone 4. A true masterpiece on its own one might say. The BookBook for the iPhone 4 is an extension of the BookBook line of leather protective cases made for Macs and iPads alike, but with one big difference. It also doubles as a wallet.

You know you want to see more of the iPhone 4 BookBook, so head on over past the break for the full review! Eye candy guaranteed, popcorn not included.

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