Just Mobile TimeStand Apple Watch Dock Review


So what's the best Apple Watch dock/stand? Many will say it has to be Twelve South's HiRise, but we think differently. This is it. Just Mobile’s TimeStand. Spoiler alert: It’s the best, most elegantly made dock you can get for your Apple Watch these days. But that’s of course open to discussion. Be sure to catch out full review after the break!


Available in black and in silver, the TimeStand is a beautifully designed charging platform made to work with all models and sizes of the Apple Watch. It's solidly made out of a single contoured cylinder of aluminum that has been given a refined, matte Apple-esque aluminum textured finish. It feels as premium as the Apple Watch itself if that even makes any sense. This is easily the most impressive Apple Watch charging dock we've gotten our hands on. 


Of course like all Apple Watch docks, this one doesn't come with a magnetic charger so you'll be using your own. Luckily the TimeStand was thoughtfully considered into taking special care of your magnetic charger. It has a rubber-liner recessed mounting snuggly and securely fits the round magnetic charging puck into the aluminum body. The rest of the cable is neatly routed to off to the side and down through a recessed channel that extends underneath the dock and exits straight out of the back for a clean and managed cable routing. That being said, the cable isn't discretely hidden from plain view, but it's still looks good.


Underneath, you'll find an all-too obligatory rubbery surface to keep it from sliding or scratching your desk. Here you can also see how the TimeStand routes the cable running down from the side and out to the back using a recessed groove machined into the aluminum.


The TimeStand is not too small or too big, and because it's pretty much a solid chunk of metal, it has a very solid and weighty quality to it. This means that it doesn't move about when you're using your Apple Watch whilst it's being charged, nor does it wobble or stay magnetically attached to the Apple Watch when you want to undock it. Speaking of undocking, the way you're supposed to use the TimeStand is by sliding in your Apple Watch sideways through that magnificent circular opening on the side. Undocking can be easily achieved using one hand by using your fingers to slide the Apple Watch off to the right side instead of instinctively pulling upwards. In that regard the TimeStand works flawlessly as a magnetic dock.


I've found that you are going to need to tighten the band together before docking your Apple Watch to make it easier for the band to go through the side opening of the TimeStand. That way you can also ensure that your band doesn't sag to the bottom where there is no padding applied on top of the bare aluminum.


One of the pros about using the TimeStand is that it really takes up so little space and looks incredibly elegant and sculpture-like even when not in use, unlike Twelve South's pricier HiRise. The viewing angle is definitely steeper than the HiRise dock, but it also makes viewing the Apple Watch more comfortable from up close at a desktop scenario.


As for preventing your Apple Watch itself from getting scratched on the TimeStand's aluminum structure, little has been done to isolate the aluminum using rubber in areas where the Apple Watch sits to charge. However, the only thing that keeps the Apple Watch including its band from scratching or coming in contact with metal is the magnetic charger. The fact that the puck isn't flush but sits nearly halfway above the charging head surface prevents the Apple Watch from actually ever coming in contact with the TimeStand during charging. So while there isn't any rubber padding to protect the Apple Watch -except the rubber lining that holds the magnetic charger in it's place - there really is no need for it thanks to Just Mobile's brilliant thinking.


Case or no case, docking on the TimeStand is an absolute pleasure.


Just Mobile's TimeStand blends user functionality with elegant styling and premium build quality. If you're looking for a quality dock for your Apple Watch that's easy to use and looks absolutely brilliant, the all-aluminum TimeStand is one great option to consider at $40. That being said, if you're looking to use that WatchOS 2 Nightstand feature on your Apple Watch every morning, the TimeStand isn't for you. And because of that we won’t jump to give the TimeStand a high rating, but it definitely deserves our general recommendation.

Also see: Spigen's plastic-made S350 is a cheap alternative if you're looking for a horizontal dock to take advantage of the Nightstand feature on the Apple Watch.