The Best Portable Wireless Speakers V2


Are you finding yourself asking what is the best wireless portable speaker? Worry no more, we've got it all sorted out for you. It's about time that we revisited this extremely popular topic with our latest and greatest guide for the best portable wireless speakers out right now. Nearly every speaker we've featured in our last guide has been given an update, but not every model is worth a second chance. That's why we've spent the last year testing as much models as conceivably possible, making sure to carefully pick out the most portable, best sounding Bluetooth speakers of all time. So here's our fresh new list featuring the best of the best!


The JBL Xtreme is by far the best reasonably priced sounding wireless speaker on our list, but it also comes at a cost. It's the least portable out of them all. That said, the Xtreme will still pack into a gear bag just fine. At $300, the Xtreme is JBL's largest (yet still packable) and most powerful portable Bluetooth speaker packing four front and rear facing dynamic drivers including two side firing bass radiators for truly impressive deep lows. The Xtreme can also be paired up with another using JBL's Connect Bluetooth pairing feature in order to create a stereo sound experience or pair it to a different JBL speaker featuring JBL Connect. The Xtreme easily blows away similarly priced rivals such as the noteworthy UE Megaboom from Ultimate Ears, and even manages to impress when put up against other wireless speakers that cost twice as much and won't even fit into your gear bag. The Xtreme is a serious proposition and might even be good enough to replace your desktop speakers. It's available in three different colors: black, red and blue.


Before you jump on the JBL Xtreme, you should also consider the Fugoo XL. We think it's another worthy powerful and very capable portable wireless speaker. The Fugoo XL sounds as huge and as rich as the Xtreme, but does lack some treble clarity. In makes up for it though with deep, satisfying bass and a rich, wide 360-degree audio output. It has a rugged build with interchangeable Jacket sleeves so you can swap styles and add extra durability as well as optional accessories to your speaker whenever you'd like. The XL is also fully waterproof, dirt and drop-resistant. It features a ridiculously long 35-hour battery life and will fit into any backpack or large gear bag. Fugoo's XL speaker is available in three different types of style configurations: a $280 sand colored canvas-wrapped Style Jacket (shown above), a $300 black colored fabric wrapped and rubber reinforced Sport Jacket, and a $330 black and silver ruggedized aluminum Tough Jacket model.


It's no secrete that JBL is dominating out list, and for good reason. The company has been one of the leaders in the portable speaker market for years now, and since we featured the original Charge speaker, JBL has introduced a third generation of its highly versatile offering. The Charge 2+ continues to be one of the best speakers you can buy for under $200 as it offers so much in return like the ability to charge external devices using its huge built-in 6000mAh rechargeable battery. Speaking of battery, the Charge 2+ provides up to 12-hours of wireless playtime. It also has a water-resistant construction including JBL's new Connect feature that allows you to wirelessly pair multiple speakers together. With its dual side-firing bass radiators, the Charge 2+ has got some of the best sounding and powerful low-end we've heard from a speaker this size and at under the $200 price bracket. The Charge 2+ delivers full, rich and well defined audio quality without any distortion. It's a solid pick, available in as much as 8 colorful choices.

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If small, stylish and adaptable is marked down on your shopping list, the Ultimate Ears UE Roll is a terrific Bluetooth speaker shaped like a slim and ultra-portable flying saucer. The UE Roll delivers pristine audio clarity with little bass, but also offers a room-filling 360-degree sound coverage. Other notable features include a unique marine-grade bungee cord you can use to strap the UE Roll onto all sorts of objects, a tough exterior construction that's fully waterproof and drop-resistant, 9 hours of battery life and a super-long Bluetooth wireless range of up to 65ft. The UE Roll is available in six unique colorways ranging from solid dual-tone colors to funky Saved by the Bell-inspired patterns.


Denon managed to cram a whole lot of speaker into an oversized Snickers-shaped form factor with the Envaya Mini. If you want the best possible sound quality out of a very small package, the Envaya Mini is definitely worth a small piece of your bank account balance. Made from a combination of metal and drop-protective rubber, the Envaya Mini's dual 40mm drivers and back-firing bass radiator spits out crystal clear, distortion-free, neutral audio quality that's impressively consistent across all volume levels and has a decent amount of stereo separation. Other notable features include NFC Bluetooth pairing, on-board controls with a noise-cancelling microphone for speakerphone functionality, aptX low-latency Bluetooth technology, and a less than impressive battery life ranging from 4 to 9 hours (depending on volume level).


JBL's Flip 3 is a fully-featured, reasonably priced portable wireless speaker. The Flip 3 pretty much has it all. It's everything you'd want in a $100 speaker. Good, full and warm detailed sound that's loud and ideal for outdoor listening, durable build quality that's dirt and water-resistant, extended 10-hour battery life, speakerphone functionality, on-board controls with an informative LED battery display as well as JBL's Connect feature that allows you to pair multiple speakers together for a greater listening experience. The Flip 3's resilient splashproof fabric and rubberized exterior design is available in a multitude of vibrant colors. Everyone's favorite energy drink-sized portable speaker is easy to recommend to almost anyone.


For all of you yacht owners out there, the B&O Play Beolit 15 by Bang & Olufsen is a stunningly sounding, and yes, somewhat portable wireless Bluetooth speaker weighing in at 6 lbs. This $600 speaker is the most powerful and most premiumly designed on our list, and it’s also the largest too. It’s designed to be powerful enough in order to be used at home while also having enough portability to be carried along with you by using its built-in leather handle. With its streamlined picnic basket-like design and solid aluminum and durable polymer premium build quality, the Beolit 15 features True360 omni-directional sound, and amazingly long 24-hour battery life (at half volume, or up to 8 hours at 75% volume level). The Beolit 15 is not suitable for daily travel use as it's large and heavy, nor will it fit within everyone's budget, but it's a spectacularly sounding high-end wireless speaker.

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