Stump Stand for iPad & Tablets Review

When I first saw the Stump Stand, I'm not going to lie, I wasn't that impressed. It was a yellow rubber block that looked comical at best. I just could not take it seriously. Well, first impressions are not everything, and usually I am wrong about them! There are a ton of other slick and classy looking stands and holders for your iPad and tablet devices out there on the market today, but this little guy took my heart. I was pretty surprised and you will be too, after the break!

The Stump stand is a portable tablet stand is very simple. And it's name describes what it is. Just a Stump! The stand is made of a soft-feel rubber material that is 3.5 inches in diameter. The rubber coating of the stand is nice and hefty, does not attract a great deal of dirt, and after a few weeks of using this item on the go, it looks just as it did the day I got it. The one that I received is a bright yellow canary color but the company also boasts colors in blue, red, magenta, black, green and white.   

The Stump is a circular stand that while being very simple, allows for use of your iPad or tablet device in 3 different positions. Because the top of the stand is designed as a "ramp". Just by laying your iPad down on the "ramp", it creates a very nice angle for typing and focused browsing. Although the Stump is made of sturdy, heavy rubber, I did see some slipping of the iPad while on the Stump. The bottom edge of your iPad would have to rest on the table while you use your Stump Stand. This is not so much a deal breaker for me because of my skins and cases that I usually have on my iPad, however interested buyers should take note of this if you use your iPad naked.

The other two possible viewing positions involve the "viewing" position and the "upright" position. These two positions involve the divot where the iPad would sit, and a little ledge in the divot is what allows for the different positions. That little ledge turned out to change the viewing angle nicely, while keeping the iPad safe in the docking position. The width of the divot is large enough to accommodate your iPad in cases, slim or not.

The stand has a nice weight to it, at 8.5 oz, and the over all construction is sturdy enough that I have no qualms about throwing it in my bag and taking it everywhere with me on the go. It is so low maintenance and well, it just works. Compared to other stands out there, I am pretty happy with what this one offers. At $25.95, I would say the Stump Stand is worth the price.  You will be, as I was, pleasantly surprised.