Tape Gear Cork Kindle Sleeve Review

You may have never thought cork could have many more uses then just a wine bottle "cork" but IT DOES. Tape Gear has been providing FSC approved cork sleeves since 2009 for select devices. They have recently expanded from only doing 4 selected device sleeves to 8 different select device sleeves. Today we will be reviewing the Kindle Cork Sleeve. Easy, simple, lightweight and also recyclable. If you happen to not have a Kindle you can pick up the sleeve for MacBook Pro, iPod Touch, Blackberry's, iPad 1 and 2, a wallet, and even a nifty business card holder. Check out the full review after the break!

I have loved my Kindle 3rd generation since the day I got it, being lightweight, easy to read on, and better then carrying around a couple of books. I have actually been through 2 Kindles; the first one was damaged by a nasty fall off my desk and messed up the screen. Got it replaced and decided that I need a case/something to protect it. I bought Amazon's leather kindle case w/o the light and liked the case at first but it added so much bulk to such a small and light product that I did not like it. I received the Tape Gear Cork Kindle Sleeve quite a while ago and fell in love with it right away. I was a bit worried about the material and the quality of the product but my doubtful mind was wrong.

I have had this product for around 2 months now and absolutely love it. I like it WAY more than Amazon's leather kindle case just because how simple this case is. You slide the kindle in, and out, none of that flip cover stuff like Amazon's or the clip-in part. The product is entirely made of FSC approved recyclable cork, very simple and able to withstand a beating. It is able to protect the kindle from getting scratched, scuffed, and abused and it won't cost you an arm or a leg.

As said before, the sleeve is made out of two pieces of cork sewn together, with a simple microfiber-ish type lining, simple brass fixture so that the elastic strap can stretch and close the top portion of the sleeve so your kindle does not fall out. The stitching is also very high quality with not a single thread hanging off or loosened after time. This case has actually been all the way to Hawaii and back with my parents and stood up to their tough punishment on the device. It has seen sand, little bit of rain and moisture and survived all of it.

This sleeve is probably one of the "greenest" products that I own and constantly use. It is defiantly my choice of sleeve for your kindle if you still want to get the natural device feel and not some added bulk with an attached case. You can pick up the case directly from Tape Gear for £18.00($28.71).