Draco Design Draco IV Limited Edition Aluminum Bumper Case for iPhone 4S Review

Plastic and silicone ordinary cases just don't seem to cut it anymore for iPhone users. Sure they might be inexpensive and more protective, but they just can't keep up with the high-end design and materials of what they encase. That's why we're beginning to see premium cases with unique and interesting new concepts take form and become so demanded like most recently the Leverage bumper case by Graft Concepts. A fresh new concept combining premium materials with innovation. Cases are no longer thought of as a mean of protection, but more as a statement for having something different for a chance. Draco Design has hit it big ever since it released the Draco IV aluminum bumper for the iPhone 4 that had the curves of a stealth fighter jet unforeseen beforehand.

Strap into you seat because we've just got our hands on Draco Desgin's latest Limited Edition Dravo IV for the iPhone 4S right after the jump. You're not going to want to miss this aluminum bumper.

When I first reviewed the Draco IV it was the most jaw-dropping aluminum bumper I have ever seen. So much attention to detail was put into it that you find yourself asking "I bet this is what it feels like owning a sports car". The minute you put the Draco IV on your iPhone you'll be pumped up with adrenaline every time you take your phone out of your pocket. It's no wonder why the Draco IV is one of the most wanted aluminum bumpers around and with reason. 

As you can see we've got the Draco IV Limited Edition in white, and let me tell you that it looks absolutely stunning on a black iPhone 4S. The white and black contrast screams at anyone walking by. Unlike the Draco IV in gray we've reviewed a while back, the Limited Edition white color has a really nice high gloss finish much like the paint finish on a white Porsche. Sexy. But with particular finish, the anodized grain of the aluminum is hidden beneath and away from giving your fingers the gripping force of the semi-matte finish of other Draco IVs. That all comes down to personal preference whether and whether you'd like a bit more hand grip or whether settling for a much lab-like, sterile looking finish is best for you.

I'm displeased to see that Draco never got rid of that unnecessary micro-SIM port cutout on the side. So much of the wide cutout could have been made for an even more seamless construction. 

So you might be asking yourself what's different here? What's changed in this Limited Edition Draco IV? Nothing has changed quite honesty. The same design and features we loved about the Draco are all here but with all-new colors and an even pricier price tag to boot. And now all Dravo IV models are compatible with all models of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The good news is that the price has dropped quite significantly down from $99.99. For the Limited Edition colors such as this white Draco IV, you'll be looking to spend $89.99 - $99.99, while the original Draco IV will now cost you $69.99, respectively. 

Since nothing has changed design wise, it's not necessary to go over the specs again if you've already read the first review which by now you most likely had already purchased one for yourself. Nonetheless, it's wroth going over the Limited Edition once over just because it's so addictive. So enjoy the rest of our beautiful, creamy bokehlicious photos taken using the Nikkor 40mm f/2.8 Micro lens down below.

This is why so many are crazy over this aluminum bumper. Precisely machined, dedicated silent switch, volume and sleep/wake buttons are integrated into the Draco IV for a seamless and incredibly easy to use experience offered by very few aluminum bumper cases on the market as of today. You get the exact same button press feedback with the Draco IV incasing your iPhone as you would using it naked. 

As far as cutouts go, the Draco IV makes the original iPhone and its recessed headphone port look ridiculous. While both the top cutout for the headphone port and bottom cutout for the dock connector are deeply recessed, I was able to fit all of my slim 3.5mm plugs and even an old fat Griffin dock connector car charger with no issues at all. Don't expect to be docking your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S though, unless you've got a dock extender adapter.

So we've concluded the outside of the Draco IV is amazing no matter the angle you'd be looking at it from. On the inside even more magic happens with strategically placed layers of polyurethane to help absorb shock at all four corners and sides. Besides adding a level of protection that only seems like a must have when it comes to aluminum bumpers, these polyurethane padded layers also do a good job eliminating any metal to metal contact. However, it's worth noting that the machined buttons will come in contact with your metal buttons and may cause scuffing overtime. We suggest to put a small piece of scotch tape on each before installing. Speaking about protection, the back glass of the iPhone won't be much protected. And even though the Draco IV has an ever so slight edge over the front and back glass, it's recommended to use some type of film protection. 

You guys seem to love Trunket skins and so do we, and guess what? The Draco IV fits real wood skins like the Trunket without a hitch thanks to how it was designed to sit around the metal band of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S giving plenty of leg room for both the back and front glass.

Installing the Draco IV is fairly simple and quick, but some may find it a bit difficult keeping the buttons seated during the process. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Insert the silent switch, volume buttons and power button into the case first, and hold the case horizontally.
  2. Make sure your phone's silent switch is at the silent/vibrate position.
  3. Carefully slide the phone side way into the case until the phone is pushed all the way in.
  4. Put the other case piece onto the phone, and make sure both case pieces are securely attached with each other.
  5. Before putting in the two lock hex screws, press and hold both case pieces together tightly, and test the buttons and the switch.

Did you see that? 5 bars of unhindered reception goodness. Just incredible. The Draco IV single handedly beats every aluminum bumper and case on the market with its performance with reception. I was able to get a constant solid full reception on the iPhone 4S with the Draco IV installed without a single bar dropping while making calls and using data. GPS wasn't affected either. Truly unbelievable how Draco Design made this possible. Who knows what was mixed in with the aluminum to produce such great results. On a side note, we've been getting many emails and comments from readers saying their Draco IVs have completely killed their reception. There are many good looking fakes and replicas floating around which is highly likely the cause of the problem.

And on the bombshell we end the review with the sweet, sweet taste of pure awesomeness that is the Draco IV aluminum bumper for the iPhone 4S. We came, we saw and we fell in love all over again. You can grab the Draco IV straight from Draco Design starting today.