Draco Design Draco IV Limited Edition Aluminum Bumper Case for iPhone 4S Review

Plastic and silicone ordinary cases just don't seem to cut it anymore for iPhone users. Sure they might be inexpensive and more protective, but they just can't keep up with the high-end design and materials of what they encase. That's why we're beginning to see premium cases with unique and interesting new concepts take form and become so demanded like most recently the Leverage bumper case by Graft Concepts. A fresh new concept combining premium materials with innovation. Cases are no longer thought of as a mean of protection, but more as a statement for having something different for a chance. Draco Design has hit it big ever since it released the Draco IV aluminum bumper for the iPhone 4 that had the curves of a stealth fighter jet unforeseen beforehand.

Strap into you seat because we've just got our hands on Draco Desgin's latest Limited Edition Dravo IV for the iPhone 4S right after the jump. You're not going to want to miss this aluminum bumper.

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Draco Design Draco IV Aluminum Bumper Case for iPhone 4 Review

Last month I've discovered a new design company in Japan that was getting ready to release an aluminum bumper for the iPhone 4 called the Deff Cleave, and it was like no other bumper case. Well now the Deff Cleave bears a new name for the American consumers and that is the Draco IV aluminum bumper case. Inspired by Deff Japan, the Draco IV is breathtaking. Never have I seen such uniqueness in a aluminum case for the iPhone 4. The Draco IV's curvatures are out of this world and may remind you of an exotic sports car you always wanted. Check out the full review right after the break as we dig deeper into this fascinating aluminum bumper.

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