The Glif Tripod Mount for iPhone 4 Review

Anyone who owns an iPhone 4 knows how capable the iPhone 4's back facing camera really is. It might just be a 5-megapixel camera, but it perfect weather conditions you can take some of the most amazing photographs other smart phones can only dream about. iPhone 4 users who are photography enthusiasts will be really happy with an accessory that can only help you take better photographs and HD video. The Glif is a tripod mount for the iPhone 4 that can be easily attached to any tripod and ball head. You're not going to want to keep using yourself as a human tripod right? Then you'll want to take a look at how the Glif works right after the break! 

By the looks of it, the Glif is the most simplistic looking tripod mounts you've ever seen. Everything about it is simple, even the minimalistic packaging that doesn't cut you up and frustrates you. The Glif looks like a simple piece of plastic, however, it's a thought out little mount that can do even more than just mount your iPhone 4 onto a tripod. Don't worry, the Glif isn't just a piece of plastic. It's actually made from a recyclable rubberized plastic that's slightly flexible and will not harm your precious iPhone 4 with a metal screwing mount.

Besides being a tripod mount, the Glif also doubles as a very useful iPhone 4 stand that lets you position your iPhone 4 in multiple viewing angles, both in landscape and portrait orientations. This is just one of the many other viewing angles achievable using the Glif. I'm impressed by how versatile this tiny piece of rubberized plastic really is. 

When you initially look at the Glif, there's nothing really to it. The inside of it looks like a ski railing where you insert your iPhone 4 in, preferably volume buttons side down. But, I didn't really find any particular right way of inserting the iPhone 4 inside the Glif. You can only insert your iPhone 4 in the landscape position into the Glif.

Here's what's so amazing about the Glif tripod mount, despite having a small form factor and very little mounting surface area for the iPhone 4, it still remains extremely secured. Upside down portrait photography? Not a problem. Your iPhone 4 can dangle like this all day long without ever, in the slightest amount, start to unmount itself from the Glif. The right amount of tension and rubberized materials were used to insure the most secure fit that will allow such extreme angles to be used with the iPhone 4 to take the best shots you can possibly take.

No matter what angle you need to set your iPhone 4 in, the Glif will hold onto your iPhone 4 like its life depended on it so you can take a steady shot unlike you could never do with your shaky hands.

The results are incredible. I took a few shots using the Glif, my iPhone 4 and my Manfrotto tripod to get the best possible photograph possible. The finished result is a sharp, beautiful picture. Wouldn't you agree? 

At $20, would I recommend the Glif tripod mount for your iPhone 4? Without a doubt, yes! It's a no-brainer if you love taking photographs using your iPhone 4 and want to mount it on a tripod to get the best possible images and steady HD video. The Glif should be at the top of your accessory list.