Padlette V2 iPad 2 & Tablet Grip Handle Review

Padlette is at it again, and now it's back at full swing with a brand new version of my favorite grip handle for the iPad and iPad 2 that we reviewed for both the iPad and iPad 2. Padlette's main focus is of course the iPad since there's no denying that it's the market leader in the tablet world. But even so, Padlette has made a few notable changes since we last reviewed its stretchy silicone wonderness that is the Padlette to not only work with the iPad and iPad 2, but with many other popular tablets currently on the market. I like the sound of that and you will to. Just how good is the Padlette, unofficially called V2 by us, you ask? Find out after the jump! 

This time Padlette has sent over their full arsenal of colorful Padlettes for us to showcase and review. Boy do I love these colors. These colors, however, should not be confused with the Apple Smart Covers since they aren't made to match the colors exactly yet you can still install the Padlette over a Smart Cover should you want to. At first glance, not much has changed in the appearance and certainly nothing has changed in terms of functionality and the way the Padlette is meant to work except for sleek new white packaging.

Since I last reviewed the Padlette, I had some improvements that I though Padlette should have addressed if and when they would make a newer version. I'm really happy to see that they did just that and even more so. The first generation Padlette can be seen to the right, while the latest V2 version is on the left. The difference between the two is quite noticeable. While both are what Padlette calls a gray color, you can see that the older version has this sort of translucent shade of uniformed gray. That was also the case with other colors of the older version. The new and improved Padlette V2 looks absolutely flawless in its finish. It's got a much more refined look to it and every single color is now as solid as they come without any blemishes or translucent-ness.

The second improvement Padlette has made in the V2 is the overall size and thickness. The Padlette V2 is now a bit thinner and much more compact. Exactly as I suggested it should be. I gotta hand it to Padlette for listening to the constructive criticism and further improve a great product.

Just take a look at all of these wonderful colors. Green now looks like a solid green color and that's true to the rest of the colors as well. Even while I loved the first generation Padlette and it worked flawlessly, the newer V2 just feels like the finished product now. A much more refined and clean overall design and feeling your hand and your tablet will simply enjoy.

Like I said, the idea behind the way the Padlette works hasn't changed at all. It's the same great grip handle some of you may already come to know. Padlette lets you comfortably choose your own position in which you can slip your hand in, in order to get the best comfortable grip possible of you iPad or other tablet for that matter. I really don't think there's a wrong way of grasping your tablet using the Padlette just because it's so versatile in letting you choose your own way of tackling it so that you can get a secure grip of your tablet.

Yes the first generation Padlette did in fact pass the test in being a great iPad companion for comfortably gripping, but this time it feels much better using the slim iPad 2 with the improved Padlette V2. It's a matter of stretching the Padlette over opposite corners of the iPad, iPad 2 or any other tablet to start using it even if you have a case or back skin on. It lets you get a secure, effortless grip of your tablet in any orientation without you having to worry about accidentally dropping it on the ground. Don't mind the curved bump the Padlette create while its stretched over your tablet, it will easily lay flat on a table and even add a moderate layer of scratch protection.

It's worth noting that like the first generation, the Padlette V2 will partially cover up some of the back speaker of the iPad 2. Unfortunately I cannot test out different tablets with the Padlette.

The Padlette also adds a sort of front lay-on-the-table design so that you can lay your tablet front facing down on a table without having to worry about damaging your screen. 

So all in all I think the latest and greatest version of the Padlette is even better than before. Adding a level of a secured comfortable grip to any tablet has never been so appealing. The new solid colors and refined finish has only made the Padlette an even much better option for those who seek such a solution for their tablet. There you have it. The Padlette will run you $19.99, and it's available in a slew of 8 colors.