Twelve South BackPack iMac & Apple Display Shelf Review

Yet another great product from Twelve South, the company that makes and designs beautiful and modern products exclusively for Mac. The BackPack is no exception and looks just as beautiful as any Twelve South product. The BackPack is an aluminum shelf made to hitch onto the back of any iMac and Apple Display. It's designed to hold external hard drives and various different peripherals up to 5 pounds, all for the sake of saving valuable desk space and getting the most out of that aluminum pedestal. Catch more on the BackPack after the break.

The BackPack is easily adjustable allowing you to set it at any height right onto the back of your iMac or Apple Display pedestal stand. With a little help from gravity, the BackPack shelf safely secures itself onto the back of the stand using non-scratch, rubbery fit inserts that also act as adapters. There are a total of 5 inserts included and choosing the correct fit insert depends on the model of iMac or Apple Display that you'll end up using. 

The BackPack is well made out of heavy gauge steel with little perforations made to the base to keep it lightweight. Or optionally tie up loose cables using these perforations. The shelf is very sturdy once attached and comes with an anti-slip pad that you lay on top of the metal base should you need some extra grip for your peripherals. But don't worry because the BackPack has a lip near the edge to keep your things from potentially slipping right off. As for the sides, the shelf was designed to have a clean opening so not to interfere with wider objects like a Mac Mini for example. Yet another superb reason why the BackPack is incredibly useful. Your Apple Display can have the feeling of a desk space-saving iMac with no computer in sight if you're using a Mac Mini. Mac Mini mounts, shelves are much more costly than this $30, good looking metal shelf.

The BackPack is great for storing your external backup hard drives away from sight or anything else you would like to throw on it to save space. If you want to save additional space or put your Dunny figurine on display, you can multiple BackPack shelves, responsibly. As much as I would have liked to hang my headphones behind my Apple Display, a shelf such as this isn't very helpful. Maybe the BackPack 2 will accommodate that in the future.

Overall the BackPack shelf is an excellent way to get the most out of your iMac or any Apple Display for that matter. I can't find a better way to put that precious space behind such displays to good use other than attaching this back facing shelf of awesomeness. The BackPack is a must have for any Mac user with a desk setup. Price $29.99.