Monster iClean

The iClean by Monster is a screen cleaning formula for the iPhone and iPod screens that comes with a slim spray bottle that is easily portable and could fit right in your pocket, also included in the iClean kit is a very nicely sized grey microfiber cloth that i think should have been in the famously red Monster color instead just for looks and the Monster Clean Cloth with AEGIS antibacterial protection that clears away bacteria and germs that are formed on your screen. iClean works just as advertised and will safely clean you screen and remove those oily finger prints, dust and dirt with easy and a simple spray onto your choice of cleaning cloths. The iClean spray does not harm your screens delicate coatings and will work very well, there are no streaks of residue left on the screen. The iClean is a fantastic cleaning solution that’s just right for your small devices. Also the Monster iClean is made in the U.S.A.  Monster also makes screen cleaning products for many other devices that include much larger sized cleaning cloths and spray bottles.  Price $11.95.

Nir Schneider