Proporta TurboCharger

Proporta’s usb TurboCharger is a slim looking battery pack that packs 3400mAh, enough to charge your iPhone 3 times. The TurboCharger can charge almost any usb device from Apple devices to handheld gaming devices, with the charger Porporta includes many adapters for devices that use proprietary inputs - just choose your adapters and plug it right into the normal usb retractable cable that’s provided and you are ready to juice your device up. Charging your device is simple, just connect the usb cable into the TurboCharger and press the power button on the charger, the TurboCharger will begin charging your device instantly and an led indicator light will show you how much juice is left. The biggest flaw with the TurboCharger is the led indicator lights that will stay on while charging and will only turn off after you disconnect your device from it.

The TurboCharger has a very nice soft touch finish with a very slim and portable design that I really love. One more issue I found is that while using the provided retractable usb cable and the Apple iPhone adapter to charge an iPhone 3GS, I got a pop up message alert saying that the TurboCharger was not compatible with the iPhone however when I used the Apple usb sync cable to charge with the TurboCharger I had no problems or messages. I would suggest using your iPhone’s usb cable with the TurboCharger just in case. The Proporta usb TurboCharger is a must have accessory for your iPhone or any other device that you use often. TurboCharger is available in 1200mAh version too. Included is a carry case, retractable usb cable and various connector heads.  Price $46.95.  Use promo code “Gadgetmac” to get 10% off your order.

Nir Schneider