OreObject SphereTouch Mouse

The SphereTouch would probably be the most unique looking mice you have ever seen, this uniquely shaped mouse is entirely assembled by hand and is made out of metal, even the usb plug is made out of metal and all the logos are laser engraved . This version of the SphereTouch is the Titanium color that is actually coated with titanium and polished to a glossy finish, the coating is very shiny and reflective, of course it attracts some fingerprints. The SphereTouch has touch sensitive right and left click buttons that also act as normal non touch buttons, a switch button located on the bottom of the mouse gives you the ability to choose and changes the click settings from touch sensitivity buttons to regular non touch buttons.

Although even when the touch feature is on you will still be able to click on the buttons, The touch sensitivity works very well and registers your every touch on the buttons. Another unique feature is the top surface of the SphereTouch that acts as a horizontal scroll wheel, I found it uncomfortable and pretty slow to scroll with. The SphereTouch has ceramic dots on the bottom to help it glide over the surface you places it on, and it works very well. The biggest issue i have found with this mouse is the usb cord, it is a durable nylon mesh cord that is tangle free however it’s also very stiff and does not allow you to move around smoothly. 

This is a very uniquely designed and shaped mouse that looks very pretty but also comes with a high price tag. This mouse is more of an art piece then an everyday use mouse. I would definitely recommend it for someone who appreciates design and art but who also has money to spare. Also OreObject made a great job of making the packaging of the SphereTouch a great presentable looking box that you would normally get with an expensive time piece. I would definitely be outstanding if it was wireless for this price. The SphereTouch is available in 3 finished including satin steel, titanium and platinum.  Priced from $155 - $225.


Nir Schneider