iPevo Kaleido Wireless Digital Picture Frame

iPevo’s Kaleido is a digital picture frame with built in WiFi that has a matte lcd screen size of 7” in 16:9 wide format. The Kaleido is one of the sleekest and most modern designed digital picture frame available with a feature that easily allows it to rotate from default landscape angle into a portrait angle so you can enjoy all your photos to your liking, also while in landscape mode you can tilt the screen up or down in an angle to best suit your viewing position. The Kaleido R7 has built in WiFi that connects to your router and enables you to stream your photos and galleries right from your computer using iPevo’s EyeStage app, all it takes is a few minutes and you are ready to stream over your WiFi network! Of course the Kaleido also has an SD-HC/MMC and MS memory card slot on the side and a usb port that’s built into the base of the frame so you can just pop in your memory card or stick with your photos and start displaying with optional transitions effects, size options and much more. With EyeStage (free app) you can stream your Flickr or any other online photo service site galleries right to your Kaleido!

Picture quality is absolutely outstanding, all your photos will look vivid, bright, sharp and super clear! The black designed bezel even adds more pop to your pictures so they standout really great, i’m extremely  happy with both the overall build quality of the frame/stand and also with the brilliant picture quality. iPevo’s has done a great job with the touch sensitive control buttons that are located on the Kaleido’s base, they are very responsive and register my every touch. The touch control buttons really add a lot to the design and help keep everything smooth and sleek but you also get a small remote control to help you out if you are out of reach. Before going to sleep just touch the standby button the screen will shut off, touch it again and the screen will instantly turn back on. The Kaleido R7 is a really great digital picture frame and my only con is the price point, I would love just a few more inches!  Price $149.00.


Nir Schneider