V-Moda Remix Remote In-Ear Earphones

The Remix Remote are V-Moda's newest series of modern In-Ear earphones made entirely from metal construction, the Remix feature a 3-button remote that allows you to control your music as well as an integrated mic for taking calls on the go or even chat with friends on iChat and other similar applications. The Remix are fully compatible with the iPhone 3GS and Apple's current line of computers, for more devices visit the product page. The new Remix are by far V-Moda's best model with many fixed issues past models had like the Vibe series. No more muddy and overpowering bass and even greater build quality. Let's not forget the new Remix look and feel incredible, they are light weight and have a black glossy metal finish with silver accents that really make them pop out. The Remix are a very comfortable pair of In-Ears with many soft silicone ear tips that will insure a great fit in your ears and will stay in until you decide to take them out, also included are detachable sport earhooks should you want the ultimate stability when exercising and a very soft carry pouch for storing your Remix. 

Bottom line sound - The Remix sound brilliantly fantastic! Just like i said they are V-Moda's best sounding earphones currently made, i have used past models before. No more of the muddy overpowering bass, now it's much more clear and crisp but definitely noticeable and punchy! The highs are superb and clear but you still get a nice warm overall sound, mids are well balanced and crisp. The Remix are also sound isolating earphones which help block a lot of unwanted outside noise and give you better sound at low volumes. I'm happy to say the Remix Remote are definitely worth their price tag of $99.99.


Nir Schneider