Unu Exera Battery Case for iPhone 4S Review

With the latest technology and innovations, we find ourselves spending more and more time on our portable devices, whether it is communicating with others, consuming content off the world wide web, or just taking a breather from a long day with a game. The iPhone's battery can only handle so much, thus creating a need for external batteries. Bringing portable battery with customizability, UNU's new Exera Battery Case is their flagship product that will give you all the battery power your iPhone could ever desire. What sets this case apart from the rest is the ability to exchange anything off of the case to suit your style and needs. Check out all the details after the break!

The UNU Exera Battery Case can come in a variety of color combinations due to its ability to replace and swap different accessories, allowing virtually any kind of replacement. Straight out of the box, UNU provides a replaceable 1700 mAh battery pack, swappable battery module, and a slim back cover for when extra juice isn't needed. For good measure, they also threw in a microfiber cloth and screen protector, which surprisingly, not as many companies provide in their packaging as you'd expect. With all sorts of options, this case will fit anyone's needs.

Digging into the product, you can definitely see UNU's attention to detail . The materials used for this product can be expected to be high quality and the design is comfortable in the hand and in the pocket. Although comfortable, it is still a battery case. As we have come to expect, battery cases do not come light. You will definitely feel the weight with the battery pack on, but for the benefit of almost double the battery power, it seems like a small price to pay. It is also important to note that with the battery charging your iPhone while in use, it does create a fair amount of heat that you would not normally feel with just a regular case on.

After taking this case for a spin throughout the day, I found that the additional battery life UNU advertised was not too far off its mark. By the end of the day, my iPhone was still up and running at a somewhat content 20% mark. For even heavier users, you can purchase additional battery packs to bring along for the trip. As the 1700 mAh battery is even larger than the one inside your iPhone 4, charging will take a significant amount of time, around 4-5 hours to get a full charge in.

An appealing point to the Exera is its detachable design for the backplate. During normal use, a thinner and lighter back piece can be attached in place of the battery module for a better overall experience. Simply slide the detachable battery module on when the time comes so you don't have to haul around a brick in your pocket for the entire day.

The bumper-esque bezels gives your iPhone a personality with its different available colors and does a great job keeping it from scratches and dents. It simply clicks onto the backplate and has a small hole for your nail for whenever you want to switch bezels. It is difficult to remove at times and requires a lot more force than I would like to unlatch it. The bezel is also thicker than I would have liked as accessibility to the power and volume buttons, as well as the vibrate switch are limited. It'll require a little digging to get to them. 

The battery case sports a MicroUSB port for charging and will also sync and charge your iPhone while it is plugged in. The built-in speakers on your phone are covered but fortunately, UNU added a large speaker grill on the bottom that will still play your tunes at around the same sound level. On the back, there is a large LED light that will display your battery status with a push of a button. 

With a number of battery cases out on the market, UNU has to be one of the better choices out there. The ability to use my phone throughout the day without worrying about battery life is relieving. I found that by keeping the battery portion of the case in my bag or car until I actually need to charge my phone worked the best. 

The quality and design of this case is superb, but at $80 dollars a pop, it may be wise to consider other options before jumping to UNU. If you are willing to spend the extra cash and want something that is reliable, we definitely would recommend giving UNU's Exera Battery Case a shot.