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SGP Griff Leather iPad 2 Grip Case Review

As much as I love Apple's Smart Cover magtastic attraction and it keeping my iPad 2's large and vulnerable screen protected while I'm not using it, it still leaves much to be desired. Let's not forget the biggest concern anyone who owns a Smart Cover has is how exactly will you keep the beautiful aluminum back of your iPad 2 scratch and dent-free. There are numerous options out there for you to choose from to do exactly that, but we've got yet another option for you straight from SGP. Out good friends over at Cretouch have sent yet another leather goodie for us to review, and it's called the Griff by SGP. Catch the full review right after the cut!

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SwitchEasy Canvas Folio for iPad 2 Review

Folios are a dime a dozen these days, and when it comes time to search for that perfect folio case for your iPad 2, you want to make sure you choose the best one available. SwitchEasy has long been in the case business and strictly makes cases for Apple mobile products such as the iPad. Like many of you, I've been a big fan of SwitchEasy's cases for a few good years now and I've loved almost every single case that has come out. Our good friends over at SwitchEasy have sent over the Canvas, the latest and greatest folio case in black for the iPad 2. The Canvas for the iPad 2 has come a long way since it was introduced for the first gen iPad. Will the new and improved Canvas folio be worthy of your iPad 2? That and much more in the full review right after the jump!

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Mivizu Sense iPad 2 Leather Folio Cover Review

Folio cases have grown to be a trendy accessory for the iPad 2 with many companies taking advantage of the iPad 2's magnetic functionalities. Many, if not all of these folio cases also incorporate similar Smart Cover stand functionalities into their design. The Sense by Mivizu packs all of these very wanted features into an executive looking folio case for the iPad 2 that comes in 4 different colors. The Sense is made out of leather and offers complete protection against scratches and nasty dents for the iPad 2 unlike Apple's expensive Smart Cover offering. Is the Mivizu Sense case enough to fulfil all your leather and protection needs? Find out right after the break!

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Belkin Grip Graphix for iPod Touch 4G Review

Belkin has a wide range of cases to cover everyone's needs and preferences, and the Grip Graphix is currently the stand alone offering for those interested in cases made of silicon. Silicon cases are easier to put on/remove and generally feel nicer with a grippy texture, but lacks dent protection if dropped, and can move quite easily. With many different silicon cases on the market, is there enough to set the Grip Graphix apart from cheaper offerings? Find out after the jump!

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Trunket American Rosewood Wood iPhone 4 Skins

Trunket's American Rosewood wood skins for the iPhone 4 are one of the most amazing wood skins money can buy. These skins are like no other with an amazing distinctive look that screams uniqueness all around. Trunket's wood skins are hand crafted in the USA and are available in a wide range of beautiful colors for $34. Check out the full review right after the break.

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Alumacase Aluminum Case for iPhone 4

It's been a while since I first wrote about Alumacase back when they first started out making aluminum cases for the iPhone 4. At last, I've got my hands on the Aluminum Case. It would be more fitting to call these aluminum bumpers instead but nevertheless, you might want to stick around for the full review right after the break to find out if your hard earned money is worth the $59.95 this aluminum bumper is going to cost you.

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iCarbons Carbon Fiber Skin for iPad 2

The carbon fiber look is wanted by many and it's no wonder, it transforms things into stealth mode. Carbon fiber is a very expensive material that is used on exotic cars and luxury items but iCarbons and many others have a solution for you that won't break the bank. iCarbons' carbon fiber skins for the iPad 2 take things further than any other skin out there. The steep sexy curves of the iPad 2 did not stop iCarbons from making their skin fit the iPad 2 all around, just like the original iPad. Take a closer look at this magnificent skin by iCarbons right after the break.

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WaterField Designs Muzetto Portable Leather Bag for iPad Review

Our good friends over at WaterField Designs in sunny San Francisco, sent over their very popular Muzetto portable leather bag in the 10" configuration suitable for the iPad 2 and iPad. The Muzetto comes in various sizes and color schemes to best suit your needs. I've heard so many positive things about the Muzetto bag but never actually got to try one out for myself and see what all the fuss is about. Well now, it's that time and I'm excited to share this brilliant piece of bag with you. Check out the full review right after the break. 

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