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Clear-Coat Macbook Pro 15" Scratch Protection Review

Scratches, scuffs, wear and tear. Everyone hates seeing their prized Macbook Pro or iPhone 4 covered in them. You may have bought a snap-on case or just have to deal without any protection. Problem with cases is all the extra bulk that is added to the gadget. If you are still looking to add as much or even more protection than a case, with little to virtually no bulk whatsoever, Clear-Coat skin is for you. Clear-Coat is easy wet install with support for any device out there including Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Kindle, iPad, and iPhone 4. If you can install a screen shield you can install Clear-Coat just as easy if not easier. Check out the full review after the break!

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Wrapsol Original Front + Back Matte Protective Skin for iPad 2

All you new iPad 2 owners must be going crazy over the Smart Cover ordeal leaving your iPad 2's beautiful aluminum back prone to scratches. Worry no more, Wrapsol is a clear protective film that uses a wet installation process like many other similar clear films. Ever since I reviewed Wrapsol's matte back protective film for the first gen iPad and iPhone 3GS, I got hooked on the look. What's special about Wrapsol's skins is that they have a matte texture to them so they match very well with Apple's aluminum gadgets. This time we're going to take a look at the Wrapsol Original Front + Back protective films for the iPad 2. Catch the full review after the jump.

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Trunket American Rosewood Wood iPhone 4 Skins

Trunket's American Rosewood wood skins for the iPhone 4 are one of the most amazing wood skins money can buy. These skins are like no other with an amazing distinctive look that screams uniqueness all around. Trunket's wood skins are hand crafted in the USA and are available in a wide range of beautiful colors for $34. Check out the full review right after the break.

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GelaSkins Skin for iPad 2

GelaSkins are one of the best, if not the best solution for protecting your gadgets from scratches. GelaSkins are one of my favorite skins to use because they are simple to install and you can remove them countless times without any residue. GelaSkins for the iPad 2 are exactly what you would expect from GelaSkins, very high quality and beautiful selection of artistic designs. I slapped my iPad 2 with GelaSkins' Mountain View skin and it turned out stunning. Catch the full review right after the break.

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The Lucky Labs Teksure Skins for iPad & MacBook Pro

When it comes down to carbon fiber skins, The Lucky Labs' Teksure skins are the ones you want to look out for. Before you start to think that these are actually real carbon fiber skins, they are not. The Teksure skins do look really awesome on the back of the iPad or anything else for that matter. Carbon fiber skins are gaining popularity fast with many companies out there that have their own version of the expensive and very lightweight weaved fiber fabric. We've got a full review for you right after the break.

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GelaSkins for iPhone 4 Custom Skin 

We reviewed a few skins by GelaSkins in the past and typically the quality is unmatched by others. This time we've got GelaSkins' custom 'make it yourself' skin for the iPhone 4 where you can upload your own design or picture and have it printed on a skin at no extra cost, and this is available for every product GelaSkins skins. Full review right after the break.

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RhinoHyde iPhone 4 Skins

One of the affordable and easy ways of quickly customizing your iPhone 4 is by using skins, not only do these skins change the looks of your iPhone 4 and make it your own, they also provide a good amount of scratch protection. RhinoHyde are a new company that have started making these skins for the back and bezel of the iPhone 4. There are two versions from RhinoHyde, the original RhinoHyde back skins as well as RhinoKolor which are skins made for the iPhone 4's metal bezel. 

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