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Laptopstickershop's Black Bezel Skin for Macbook Pro/Air

When the Apple announced a a high resolution antiglare option for their screens in their Macbook Pro line, photographers and video editors sang in praise for the decline of overly glossy and reflective glass of previous Pro models. But that bezel...some people miss that black frame surrounding the screen, ans it is almost trademark of an Apple unibody design. There are little to no solutions out there for people who want a black bezel and an antiglare screen...until today. Enter Laptopstickershop's carefully cut Black Bezel Skin for Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air computers. This just might be one solution for those who want the classic macbook look. Check out a review after the break!

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RhinoHyde iPhone 4 Skins

One of the affordable and easy ways of quickly customizing your iPhone 4 is by using skins, not only do these skins change the looks of your iPhone 4 and make it your own, they also provide a good amount of scratch protection. RhinoHyde are a new company that have started making these skins for the back and bezel of the iPhone 4. There are two versions from RhinoHyde, the original RhinoHyde back skins as well as RhinoKolor which are skins made for the iPhone 4's metal bezel. 

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Lucky Labs Bezel Skin with SGP Carbon Skin Guard for iPhone 4