HP Slate Officially Selling For $799

Yes that's right the HP Slate is official and will indeed be ready to be purchased by your hard earned cash for $799. At this price point it's a bit hard to forget about Apple's iPad but HP's Slate has a full fledged Windows 7 professional operating system on it with touch interface that you can use with your finger as well as a stylus. Engadget has posted their first impressions with the HP Slate and will have a review up very soon.

The Slate packs an 8.9" capacitive touch display at a 1024x600 resolution and it's powered by a 1.86GHz Intel Atom Z540 processor, 2GB of RAM, 64GB SSD and Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator for smooth 1080p video playback. The back of the Slate has a soft touch coating and designed to provide good grip while it's surrounded by a metal bezel which might remind you of the iPad. For $799 you're also going to get a docking station that acts as a stand for the Slate with a built-in HDMI-out port and two cameras including a front facing VGA camera and a back facing camera with 3MP. 

Sounds pretty good but that price is a bit pricy. Head over to Engadget for more!

Nir Schneider