Apple Sold 1.5 Million iPhones on Launch Date


Photo by Rob Smith

As you could probably know, Apple sold a ton of iPhone 4's yesterday. People were queueing around the block for the chance to get one but just how many did they sell? Of course, nobody knows the exact number but Oppenheimer’s Yair Reiner has tried to guess and come up with 1.5 million!

So we know that in the US there were 600,000 iPhone pre-orders. A big number of course. And that is just without walk-ins and the ones sold at places like Best Buy and Walmart. So Reiner reckons that there were 100,000 non-resevered iPhone 4's bought in Apple stores and around 50,000 in other retailers. So that comes to 750,000 iPhones in the US alone! But if you add the international orders in as well (which is probably the same as just the US purchases) you get around 1.5 million. 

Now if you remember back to the iPad launch, it sold 1 million units in less than a month. And you thought that was a huge success. So just think of the impact of the iPhone in just one day!

However, you should take this with a grain of salt as apple product launches are often over exaggerated and you should wait until Apple posts the official numbers.

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Source Mashable