Pad&Quill Classic Moleskin Cases for iPhone 4 & iPad

These classic and vintage looking moleskin book cases are hand crafted from wood and black leather binding. The Little Black Book is specifically made for the iPhone 4 & iPhone 3G/S while the The Case, Vol. 1 is made for the iPad and features a clasp for closure. The iPad version also converts into a viewing stand. The cleaver red bookmark-like ribbons are made to help you take out your iPhone or iPad out of the case.

The Little Black Book for the iPhone 4 looks amazing with it's classic vintage looks and red bookmark-like ribbon. This version uses the more traditional rubber band strap to securely close both flaps together. These moleskins will run you $39.99 for the iPhone 4 version, and $54.99 for the iPad version. Hit up the source link to snag yours before they run out!

Source Pad&Quill

Nir Schneider