Joby Outs GorillaMobile Yogi & Ori for iPad

Joby released two new cases for the iPad with hands-free functionalities. The Yogi features a sleek and slim case with two flexible legs which can be removed and adjusted to different viewing angles in landscape and portrait modes. The Yogi for iPad is now available for $49.95. The Ori pictured above to the right is much more complicated and is made from thin and lightweight aluminum. The Ori's design and functionality is inspired by origami and an be adjusted to display your iPad in various heights and angles. You can swivel your iPad between portrait and landscape modes. The insides of the Ori are lined with microfiber to protect your iPad's screen while it folds up into a folio case for on the go. The Ori is also now available for $79.95. Check out the video below and prepare for a whole lot of folding around after the break.

Nir Schneider