iPhone 5 Rumored To Get A 4-inch Screen?

Rumors about the iPhone 5 are blazing around the web this past month about iPhone nanos and newer and faster Apple A5 processor, but a more notable rumor is that the iPhone 5 will get a bigger display than the current 3.5" and it's now rumored that the iPhone 5 will get a bigger 4" display. This sounds like something Apple will finally do since all the past iPhone models up to now have all had the same 3.5" screen size and it's about time we get some more screen real estate. A 4.3" display sounds more realistic if Apple does decide to go ahead with a larger display. At this day and age, bigger displays on mobile phones is a necessity and I think it's a big possibility that we will see a bigger display on the upcoming iPhone 5. 

Nir Schneider