Official Apple iPad 2 Accessories

Besides the new iPad 2, Apple released a few new accessories for the iPad 2. The three most notable accessories include the Smart Covers which double as a stand, a new iPad 2 Dock made specifically for the iPad 2 and a new Digital AV Adapter with a full HDMI output that supports full 1080p HD playback. Although the new Digital AV Adapter came out for the iPad 2, it will also be compatible with the current iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and iPad. The iPad 2 will be the only one capable of outputting full 1080p while the rest will have to put with just 720p playback. In addition to HDMI out, you will also be able to charge your iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G using the Digital AV Adapter while outputting content. 

You will have to wait until March 11 to get your hands on these new iPad 2 accessories though. The Smart Covers run for $39-69, the iPad 2 Dock $29 and the Digital AV Adapter will set you back $39 not including an HDMI cable. Now it's your turn 3rd parties!

Nir Schneider