The Hobbit Starts Shooting At 48fps

The massive production has started in New Zealand today for shooting the highly anticipated movie, The Hobbit. Peter Jackson has already confirmed that The Hobbit will be shot at 48fps instead of the traditional 24fps. Oh and it will be shot in 3D as well. Most movie theaters currently don't even support projecting movies at the high 48 frames per second rate but Peter Jackson says by the time The Hobbit is released in 2012, most movie theaters will support the 48fps format. The big advantage of shooting in 48fps over the traditional 24fps is that the results are much clearer, smoother and more lifelike. Shooting in 48fps will also help watching the movie in 3D without getting any eye strain.

Can't wait until 2012? Catch a spectacular 10-minute first video behind the scenes of the massive production of shooting The Hobbit on Facebook.

Nir Schneider