Pix & Stix Help You Rock Out On GarageBand

If you own an iPad or iPad 2 and love making music, chances are you've got GarageBand. This is your lucky day because Pix & Stix are the only thing missing from your virtual set of drums and guitars. Pix & Stix promise to make your music making session feel like a real experience. The Pix & Stix pick has an electroconductive rubber tip for a more accurate, natural touch screen picking. The miniaturized drumsticks are perfectly weighted and have a soft-touch rubberized finish that won't damage your iPad. Just don't go all Travis Barker on your iPad. The Pix & Sticks come in a set of 2 drumsticks and 1 pick for $14.95, and are available in blue, black or yellow.

Nir Schneider