Ridiculously Large Arkhippo 2 iPhone 4 Case Now Available

Ark's massive self standing Arkhippo 2 case is now available and compatible with both the Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4. Ark's Arkhippo 1 was an equally bulky case, but it had a closed back unlike the Arkhippo 2 which has a bumper-like style to it. Don't let the looks deceive you though, this case will also protect your iPhone 4 from the gnarliest of drops. The new and improved Arkhippo 2 now has cutouts for the ports and buttons, a much needed add-on since the Arkhippo 1 case. One thing I know for sure is that now the world's massively bulky iPhone 4 case is looking much better than its predecessor. It's available in 7 different colors for $29.

Nir Schneider