Photograph Space Using Your iPhone 4 With AstroClip

I said it before and I'll say it again, the iPhone 4 can take some astonishing photos for a camera phone. Got a telescope laying around? The AstroClip will let you use your iPhone 4 to take some awesome photos of the moon and outer space you've always wanted on a lower cost budget. That of course, depends how good of a telescope you've got. The AstroClip is very much like the Olloclip lens attachment we've seen for the iPhone 4, it easily slips on your iPhone 4's camera and it can be attached to any popular telescope with a 1.25" eyepiece. 

That's one moonlicious photograph if you ask me. $25 is all you need to get started in astrophotography using your iPhone 4 and a telescope. Don't have a telescope? Apparently you can get a decent one for just under $100 on Amazon. The AstroClip is now available for pre-order and comes in white or black via Kickstarter

Thanks for the tip, Chris!

Nir Schneider