Olloclip Quickly Adds Quality Glass Lenses To Your iPhone 4

Forget and leave your DSLR at home folks, this interchangeable lens accessory for the iPhone 4 called the Olloclip is here to change how you take photos with your iPhone 4. Granted the iPhone 4 has a relatively good camera for a phone, but now things just got better. The Olloclip is made out of CNC anodized aluminum adds a quality all glass fisheye lens on one side and a wide-angle lens on the other. You think that's enough? Nope, the Olloclip also packs a 10x macro lens which is revealed when unscrewing the wide-angle lens, all in one small package. The Olloclip can quickly attach to the corner of your iPhone 4's camera so you won't even miss that special shot. You can pre-order the Olloclip complete with a lens caps via Kickstarter for $45 in red or black flavors, and it will retail for $60 later on. Hit up the source link for some test shots using all of the Olloclip's lenses.

Nir Schneider