Tech21 Impact Folio, The Most Protective iPad 2 Slim Folio Around?

You might recall Tech21 from their impressive shock absorbing iBand bumper, now called the Impact Band, first made for the iPhone 3G/S. Since then, Tech21 has went under the radar for unknown reasons, but now they're back in full swing with brand spanking new cases for the iPad 2 that utilize the D3O technology which has made the company famous for its extreme impact protection capabilities. The company's latest iPad 2 cases include the Impact Folio and Impact Folio Leather. The two are merely the same except for different materials used like Apple has done with its Smart Cover offerings. 

Tech21's Impact Folio for the iPad 2 is a minimalistic, slim folio offering full protection with stand and typing functions and is available in 6 vibrant colors. Slimness and vibrant colors aren't the things that make this iPad 2 folio unique, it's the D3O material that is integrated into the Impact Folio that can absorb shock and impacts in case of a drop. If this is any indication to what we saw Tech21's iBand can do, I'm sold. Tech21 hasn't posted any prices or availability at this time.  

Nir Schneider