Tiger Design Blade 2 Aluminum iPhone 4 Case Images Leaked

It has been a while since we first reviewed Tiger Design's most wanted aluminum bumper for the iPhone 4, the Blade bumper. The Blade has been one of the most searched for aluminum bumpers for the iPhone 4 on Gadgetmac. A truly successful aluminum bumper from a Korean company that has been faked over and over again ever since it was released because of its popularity. This image amongst others has surfaced allegedly showing the Blade 2 aluminum case for the iPhone 4 sitting next to a pink Blade bumper. We're not sure what the "4th" writing engraved on the back means, but it's safe to say that this is a Blade 2 prototype. Tiger Design is known for manufacturing CNC aluminum parts and they have created yet another unique and interesting looking case with the Blade 2. 

Besides the fully closed back and a new removable bottom design of the Blade 2, Tiger Design as also improved the speaker channelling to better direct the sound towards you rather than letting it slip downwards. You might want to keep an eye out for fake Blade bumpers on Tiger Design's fake Blade list page, and while you're there you might catch the Blade 2 as well. 

Update: Turns out this isn't Tiger Design's Blade 2, but rather the M2 aluminum slider case made by 4th Design. That explains the "4th" engraving on the back.

Nir Schneider