Alphyn's Smart Jeggings Let Your Carry Your Smartphone On Your Leg

Men love jeggings as much as women love wearing them. But there's one problem with that. Where on earth are you going to slip your smartphone? Fortunately, Alphyn's Valencia jeggings, which the company unveild at CES 2013 - have a built-in Wearcom iPhone pocket located on the thigh that features a clear touch-thru polymer screen in case you're sitting down and want to start texting without removing your phone out of your pocket. The pocket is large enough to fit an iPhone 5 or other devices that are a tad larger like the Galaxy S3. But if you've got a big ass phablet like the Galaxy Note 2, then you'll just have to let a friend carry it for you.

Your iPhone will be secured with a Velcro flap while a cable hole lets you route your headphones thru, that is if you've got headphones with a cable long enough to reach. The Valencia's Wearcom smartphone pocket is concealed under a zippered piece of material based on the jeggings' model so that you won't look like a total geek with a fashionable sense for tech style.

Alphyn's Valencia smartphone jeggings will be available sometime in March. If you're a dude, Alphyn also make "smart" jeans for men with Weacom pocket, which apparently is inspired by fighter jet apparel.

Nir Schneider