CordLite Dock Connector Cable Illuminates The Way

We all had our frustrating moment in the dark trying to connect the charging cable to our iPhone and various other iOS devices not knowing which side is up, blindly resorting to trial and error thru the way of sensing where the dock connector port is. The CordLite answers that very specific need and points you to the right direction using the power of light. Like any standard USB 30-pin dock connector cable, the CordLite can sync and charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod, but when you pick it up, the CordLite's bead blasted aluminum touch sensitive panels surrounding the 30-pin connector eliminate the need of switched and buttons, instantly illuminate the built-in LED lights to help you make the connection in the dark. Letting go will automatically turn of the guiding lights in the connector. Brilliant!

Finding the cable itself in the dark is easier to do than having to guess your way to making a rather complex connection with minimal visibility, wouldn't you say? The CordLite is currently a Kickstarter project waiting to be fully funded which it will, and will be ready to ship in September. You can pre-order yours now starting at $25 with your choice of black or white cable. Video after the break!