Google Opening First Retail Store In October

Is it Google's turn to open up shop? After all Apple, Microsoft and Sony have their own retail stores across the world. Instead of setting up shop in its home town of sunny California, Google plans to open up its first retail location in Essex, England on October 7 with more to follow. Google will call its retail store the "Chromezone" store which will be designed in Google themed colors with similar hip employees as Apple's and Microsoft's have inside their own respective retail stores. 

With that much money, Google has said that opening up a few retail stores of its own is only a part of a pilot program. As we know, Google loves experimenting. It isn't clear what Google plans to sale, if anything at the Chromezone, but it wants to educate consumers with hands-on experience on its Chromebooks and Chrome OS while supposedly also selling Chromebooks made by Samsung and Acer, as well as accessories such as headphones. 

Nir Schneider