50 Cent Reveals 50 3D In-Ear Headphones

50 Cent just can't seem to keep any secretes spilling the beans on every product behind its new audio brand, SMS By 50. After the Sync By 50 headphones specs were leaked out, 50 Cents turns to his loyal fans for advice on two unreleased models from the in-ear headphones line that include the 50 3D and 50 Sport. 50 Cent thinks these sound great, but we think they look like cheap pairs of Skullcandys. We're really starting to doubt 50 Cent's new partnership with an unknown audio company.

The above image shows the unreleased 50 Sport headphones geared towards active sports with earhooks and waterproof capabilities. The packaging isn't final and set to be changed. Good start on that. This time we've got no specs, price or release date, but we'll be sure to update you as soon as we know!

Nir Schneider