IG Pak Rapid Access iPad 2 Sling From The Future


Not every Kickstarter project is worth mentioning, however this one has caught our attention to say the least. The IG Pak (Instant Gratification Pak), is an innovative hands-free sling backpack that stores your iPad 2 and offers quick and effortless access without having to unzip a zipper and flip a flap when you need your iPad 2 the most. A bottom facing opening lets you quickly slide in your iPad 2 while it locks in place like an SD memory card using a specially designed spring-clamping locking mechanism that keeps it secured even when faced upside down. The IG Pak was designed with futuristic asthetics and weight in at 1.5lb thanks to its rain-resistant hard polycarbonate construction. The IG Pak will only hold your iPad 2 and nothing else. At least it doubles as a mobile working station ideal for students.

The IG Pak is available for pre-order at $75 in your choice of black, orange and white.

Update: We were just told by IG Pak that there is indeed a storage pouch on it for small items such as a charger, wallet and keys.

Nir Schneider