Invoxia AudiOffice Is The All-in-One And One-for-All Dock

Invoxia has updated its AudiOffice dock that serves as an ideal set-up that solves one of the obvious problems most docks have: calling. Most docks require you to remove your phone to answer a call, making it an overall inconvenient experience. AudioOffice solves this issue through a built-in handset which you can use for phone calls instead. The AudiOffice rocks a Cortex A8 processor to run with iOS, and with the newest update, Android as well. 

With two more additional speakers from its four in the old version, AudiOffice projects high quality sound for conference calls and music out of its six inVivo Acoustic technology enhanced speakers that is designed for HD sound. Not only are normal phone calls able to take advantage of the AudiOffice, but VOIP communications such as Skype can too. 

The new AudiOffice is compatible with all mobile devices and even your PC with included USB cables. It will available for $299 on Invoxia's website and will be released during Q1 of this year.