Razer Outs First iPhone 4S Case, Battlefield 3 Ready

In the sea of licensed Razer gaming peripherals, Razer has just released its very own iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S compatible case that will be joining the licensed Battlefield 3 series as a collector's edition. Razer's Battlefield 3 iPhone 4 Protection Case looks tough and heavily armored, though it's only made out of pure shock absorbing silicone said to have "industrial-strength" added to the mix. It's got a rubberized texture for an ultimate key gripping surfaces. The Battlefield 3 iPhone 4 Protection Case will only be available as a Battlefield 3 branded version until Razer decides to strip down the advertisements and make it a true Razer branded iPhone 4 case. You'll be able to pre-order it now for $19.99 and expect yours to ship on October 25.

Nir Schneider