Interactive Creature Case For iPhone And iPod Touch Might Scare Your Kids

This is one of those iPhone cases that make you ask yourself "WTF is that thing?". This creature of a case is not so ironically called the Creature Case, and it's an interactive case made for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and 5G that is made from silicone and has 21 squid-like nodes that act as shock absorbers as well as let you attach the included 9 different types of bits called limbs which transform the Creature Case into a playful toy. The attachable limbs also act as a support stand for the iOS device. Although the Creature Case was designed to fit the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, a cleaver insert layer can adapt the Creature Case to older iPhone and iPod Touch models and even as far as future iPhones. Because a perfect snug fit doesn't really bother your kids right? 
What makes the Creature Case come to life as a small, cute mutated creature is the Creature Feature app that allows you to add and animate facial features. Either your kids will love the Creature Case, or have nightmares from it. You can pre-order the Creature Case in green, blue and pink for $25 over at Kickstarter. Be sure to catch the video right after the cut! Thanks for the tip, Chelsea!
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Razer Outs First iPhone 4S Case, Battlefield 3 Ready

In the sea of licensed Razer gaming peripherals, Razer has just released its very own iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S compatible case that will be joining the licensed Battlefield 3 series as a collector's edition. Razer's Battlefield 3 iPhone 4 Protection Case looks tough and heavily armored, though it's only made out of pure shock absorbing silicone said to have "industrial-strength" added to the mix. It's got a rubberized texture for an ultimate key gripping surfaces. The Battlefield 3 iPhone 4 Protection Case will only be available as a Battlefield 3 branded version until Razer decides to strip down the advertisements and make it a true Razer branded iPhone 4 case. You'll be able to pre-order it now for $19.99 and expect yours to ship on October 25.

Nir Schneider