Re-Case Is The Most Trashy iPhone 4S Case You Can Buy

Are you feeling guilty for purchasing that plastic iPhone case of yours knowing that you've helped create global warming? Ok let's take it easy. How about a fresh new case made from 100% recycled trash. The Re-Case is made by a company called Miniwiz which is trying to revolutionize the case industry by designing the Re-Case to have a more stylish face you'll want to use. Well you can call it that, or you can think of the Re-Case like a vegetarian meal, bland and hard to get used to if you like your burgers. The Re-Case does have one trick up its sleeve to help entice people to go green when choosing an iPhone case.

The ergonomic, ripple pattern of the Re-Case also allows enough room to seamlessly store one RFID card hidden from plain site to increase its usability. It's trashy and pretty at the same time. The Re-Case fits both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, and is available in 6 colors for $24.95.

Nir Schneider