Soundmatters' foxL Dash 7 Pocketable Speaker Lays Low

The foxL Dash 7 by Soundmatters is a rather peculiar portable speaker designed as a flat soundbar so it can keep a low profile in order to seamlessly be put in front of your tablet or laptop without hindering your viewing pleasure, whilst maximizing the audio experience with powerful omnidirectional sound. The foxL Dash 7 may be much slimmer than Soundmatter's foxL V2 series of portable speakers, yet it should perform just as well. It features an angled stand for adjusting the direction of the audio output, extended-range wireless Bluetooth audio streaming, a dual passive radiator system, a noise-canceling microphone for use with the Dash 7's speakerphone functionality and a rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours of usage.

Soundmatter's foxL Dash 7 pocketable wireless speaker will become available later this month in four trim colors for $249. Expect many more portable speakers to spring about at this year's CES event.