Boomerang Is The All-In-One iPad Mount

The iPad has proven to be an awesome device that does just about everything we want it to. To match, the people over at Xvida wanted to create a suitable mount that would compliment the iPad's versatility, usability, and simplicity. Cue the Boomerang. This is an exciting product that we don't see everyday and is the Swiss Army Knife of iPad stands. 

By placing your iPad onto the Boomerang, it allows you to prop your device up just like you would with a Smart Cover, and add on one of the many Boomerang accessories, you've got yourself an endless number of possibilities. These accessories include the Multi Mount, the Headrest mount, the Air-Vent mount, the Suction Cup mount, and the Table stand.

The Multi Mount is able to attach itself to glass, magnetic surfaces, or anywhere else if you choose the screw-in-wall method. The Air-Vent mount attaches itself to your car's air vents, acting as a GPS mount. 

Finally, you can bring your iPad wherever you go and whenever you want. The combination of possibilities for the Boomerang is endless and could serve as an exciting new accessory that does it all. Xvida is currently on Kickstarter and already has $12,000 pledged towards their $40,000 goal. Head on over to their page and help them bring this innovative accessory to the market. Catch the Boomerang in action after the jump!

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