Incipio Porting iPhone 3G/S Case Line-Up For iPhone 4


Incipio has not introduced any new cases for the iPhone 4. But instead they have updated most of their iPhone 3G/S case line-up for the iPhone 4. So now you can pick up one of your favorite Incipio iPhone cases for your brand spanking new iPhone 4. The new and updated cases include the Feather, DermaSHOT, DuroSHOT DRX, NGP, EDGE, Silicrylic and Orion. And of course all of Incipio's cases come in a huge color choice. The Feather, NGP, Silicrylic, DermaSHOT and the Orion iPhone 4 cases are available right now with prices starting at $19.99.

Source Incipio

Nir Schneider