Apple Mac App Store Now Open For Business

Apple released today an update for all Macs, 10.6.6 which brings the Mac App Store to everyone who owns a Mac running Snow Leopard. The store launched with over 1,000 apps available for download with many familiar apps you've come to know from using iOS devices. The Mac App Store works just like the App Store in iOS devices and uses your iTunes account to purchase and download apps. Apps install in the same way as they do on iOS devices, quickly and without additional steps on your part. An icon pops up in your dock when your purchase or download a free app and installs itself automatically. Updates are done thru the Mac App Store which will notify your if your app/s are in need of an update. You can start off buy downloading some free apps that are now available. Go ahead, update if you haven't already!

Nir Schneider


Android Marketplace has 70k Apps

The Android marketplace has just passed the 70,000 apps. Now this was to be expected as the popularity of Android has skyrocketed in the past year. Also it only took 3 months to get from 50,000 apps to 70,000.

However, the big news is that AndroLib is saying that Android users have downloaded more than 1 billion apps from the android marketplace. That's an very impressive number, but is only an estimate and it has not been confirmed by Google.

Source AndroLib

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