E13ctron Outs Aluminum Acetal Hybrid S4 Bumper iPhone 4 Cases

E13ctron's aluminum bumper case for the iPhone 4 has been one of my favorite aluminum bumper cases around. This time, E13ctron is introducing a new aluminum Acetal hybrid model of the S4 and S4V bumper cases both available for the Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4. People who live in low signal areas will want to go with the hybrid version of the S4 and S4V bumper cases which promise no signal degradation. The hybrid E13ctron bumper case has a CNC aluminum top and a bottom Acetal CNC machined part that doesn't degrade the signal. The aluminum Acetal hybrid S4 and S4V bumper cases are available right now in many different aluminum color selections with optional matte and polished finishes for $69.99.

Nir Schneider