A Closer Look At Apple's New Space Gray iPhone 5S

So Apple released the iPhone 5S in two new colors they call "space gray" and gold while keeping the original silver on board as a third color option, and that has confused some people. When Apple introduced the iPhone 5, it offered it in a slate black hue which now has been replaced by the iPhone 5S and its cool sounding space gray flavor, which is really a lighter gray aluminum hue compared to the much darker slate of the iPhone 5 and even the iPad mini. In addition to that, Apple has also silently updated its slate black iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod Shuffle with this new space gray colorway.

Customers now have a option to pick the new space gray color when purchasing a 5th generation iPod touch, 7th generation iPod nano and current iPod Shuffle. Oddly enough, the iPad mini hasn't seen the same color update and is still being offered in the original slate black color. We think that once Apple updates its iPads, it'll also offer its new space gray option instead to compliment the rest of its lineup. Of course the new fancy gold option is exclusive to the iPhone 5S.

Nir Schneider


Apple Officially Debuts The iPhone 5S: Everything You Need To Know

As expected, today Apple has revealed the iPhone 5 successor dubbed the iPhone 5S. Nearly identical to the iPhone 5, Apple's iPhone 5S sports an all-aluminum chamfered-edge construction with updated hardware as well as new features. Still boasting a 4-inch Retina display, the iPhone 5S will be offered in two new flavors besides silver - gold and gray. For security, the iPhone 5S features a new highly anticipated redesigned home button made of laser-cut sapphire crystal instead of plastic which acts as a lens for the embedded Touch ID fingerprint sensor that can read your finger at any orientation.

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