The Sony PSP Go Is Dead

Oh boy, looks like yet another gadget is being killed off. After Microsoft killed the Zune and Cisco killed their Flip line of cameras, it's Sony's turn and they're killing the PSP Go. The PSP Go was first introduced to replace the PSP 3000 portable gaming system but it never took gamers love from the start with its digital only games and inability to play UMD games and movies where past PSP models where able to do. Sony's PSP 3000 is still living strong and is one of the most popular portable gaming systems on the market. Farewell PSP Go, you will not be missed.

Nir Schneider


Verizon Fully Kills the Kin


Nobody can say that they're particularly surprised about this one. As Verizon has just confirmed that they are no longer going to sell both Kin phones and they are going to be returning them back to Microsoft.Who themselves just threw in the towel on the Kin project at the end of last month. (Read here) We are told that all existing Kin's will work as Microsoft is keeping the back-end services running. But as so few Kin's were sold, I wonder how long this will continue to happen.

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The iPhone 3G is Dead

You've had a good life. We will miss you.

So with this killing of the iPhone 3G, we might see the iPhone 3GS get dropped to $99, with the iPhone 4G/HD just round the corner.

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